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news: blue status
register: make them set locale
register: username, screenname differnt?
---- Release
weekly mail
google login (find email address in user list)
Use Amazon instead of buy
AmazonTabSearch - move Next etc buttons to the left (see Lands End)
AmazonSerachFromTab Find duplicates not working - Frenz is. Copy find duplicate to include file...
Do flash ("Tip - for quick add, double click")

do my own public key encryption of password. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12457234/encrypt-in-javascript-decrypt-in-php-using-public-key-cryptography Have button to check if friends have rated a book Smart Search - Have best match tab and then raw results tab. First search BIHR master, Then download 10 or 20 results from amazon to client and The best match will (on the client) look at ttile and strip out subtitles. Also start master list. Create simple master maintenance interface, (have master choose for trusted users) All books list with corresponding master book (but not every book downloaded?). Eg we want every title of war and peace in our own list for quick match to master. Save every author, title returned from amazon? yes why not. - use encrypted cookies
Consoildate list windows before adding new features..

- redesign with simple black and white scheme (maybe blue for selected lines, but maybe grey).Use rounded rectangular tabs based on Extjs
- make front apge start page always, even when auto logged in. 5. Make invite only
5. Set up demo
- On Frenz pages, list frenz desriptions and then amazon reviews
- don't streamline buy..- we want a much more comprehensive buy...
3. Get rid of some info buttons on frenz wish (or add notes to wish list)
3. Do local delete where necessary (wish, current?)
0n Add friend, don't show current friends...
- sort wish list
- child accounts
Have Gutenberg tag.